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Minecraft The N00b Adventures Part 3 - Cavern Chaos
N00bly and his Golden Sword



Weapon of choice

Diamond Sword

Current Status


First appearance:

So Blocky,So Cool

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PvP Poetry

"I'm N00bly, who are you?" - N00bly to Fart Garfunkel and " Snake"

Noobly (stylized as N00bly) is the main protagonist of the series. He is the least experienced in Minecraft, but is the one who usually solves most of the gang's problem they've encountered. He is the leader of his friends and their resistance against Gaylord Steambath.

History Edit

Before the series, N00bly bought the game and went to a server with a good reputation.

During his first experience in the game in the server, he was in a plain biome. He was at first bewildered by the game, but then decided it was cool and began to be dazzled by it. Then, two strangers, Snake and Fart Garfunkel, popped out of the ground. He quickly befriended the two and, with his two new friends, began looking for the city.

However, night was almost about to fall, and along with Fart, began searching for building supplies. He, with the other two, began construction of their noob-ish shelter to protect them from the mobs.

When night fell, the trio were under attacked by mobs, with N00bly saving Fart's life with a golden apple. The trio was able to hold them off, until a creeper managed to get to their shelter and made a hole in one of the walls. N00bly quickly discovered a cave under their shelter somehow, and saved all of their hides.

Going through the cave, they found a room with loot. It was there he got his first signature weapon, a golden sword. However, Snake and Fart both realized the room had a mob spawner and all were chased by the zombies from it. They managed to break off a wooden wall, which had danger signs about the room on the other side, and escaped the zombies through some tracks. They escaped the cave and landed in a pool, though not without finding the city.

N00bly, along with his friends, went into the city and were immediately greeted by Gaylord Steambath, unaware who the asshole was. With permission from Steambath, he slept in one of the homes, while the others did they're things, until awoken by Pwny_Rainb0w.

He was then gathered outside with his friends and was told about Gaylord's past actions and why the city was empty by Pwny. After Pwny was killed by Gaylord, all three decided to take him down, though not without getting better supplies. While he and Fart look for supplies, Snake would try to distract Gaylord.

During the search, Fart asked N00bly to guard the exterior of a cave he was mining in, which he agreed. When it was sunset, he saw an Enderman, though believed it to be an illusion. He was then attacked by a jockey and two skeletons, with him retreating back to the cave. With Fart, they barricaded the opening and waited until day came. After a large amount of time had passed, they decided to check outside, as N00bly forgot to bring the clock.


N00bly wears a cyan top similar to the Default Steve skin.


Despite his inexperience, he seems to think quickly. He seems to only show dislike to Gaylord Steambath, he does not kill him however. He did this in order to prepare the group. This shows a lot of clerverness. His fighting style shows that his ability to use swords is very advanced compared to the other n00bs. Or he could just appear that way due to the fact that he uses a Diamond sword as his primary weapon of choice.

Appears InEdit

N00bly appears in all of the episodes, which is hardly suprising as he is the main protagonist.

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