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Minecraft The N00b Adventures Part 3 - Cavern Chaos
N00bly and his Golden Sword



Weapon of choice

Diamond Sword

Current Status


First appearance:

So Blocky,So Cool

Latest Appearance

A Milky Situation.

"I'm N00bly, who are you?" - N00bly to Fart Garfunkel and " Snake"

Noobly (stylized as N00bly) is the main protagonist of the series. A creative and good-hearted individual, N00bly started off as the least experienced of the trio, but soon became arguably the best Sword fighter of the three after his training with YoDa_MoRpHeUs.

History Edit

Not much is known about N00bly's backstory. So far, all we really know is that he decided to buy Minecraft after hearing about it and went to a server with a good reputation.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Despite his unfamiliarity with Minecraft, N00bly is a very creative and quick-thinking individual: He saved him and his friends from the horde of mobs in the second episode by coming up with the idea to dig under their house into a cavern system. He is also quite intelligent in general and learns quickly, as he picked up on all the lessons Yoda tought him and Fart, evolving from a bit of a noob with some natural skill to an incredibly skilled force to be reckoned with.

While Snake mostly uses a bow and arrow as his primary weapon, and Fart uses a combination of archery and swordsmanship, N00bly seems to favor swords, as he used a Golden Sword for a long time until it was broken during the fight with the Enderdragon. However, after they escaped the End, Yoda gave N00bly his Diamond Sword as a parting gift, and it has since become his primary weapon.

N00bly's place in the trio is best described as the De Facto leader of the group; while he was never officially voted as leader, he is usually the one giving orders or ideas to the other two members in combat situations. He's pretty good at being a mediator between people, too; without him, Fart and Snake likely could not funtionn as a team, since (despite being best friends with a prior history) they sometimes butt heads, with Snake questioning Fart's morals and occasional idiocy, and Fart often being stubborn and ignoring advice from other characters.

Another trait that contributes to N00bly's leadership is his strong morals and good nature; while Fart is often outright selfish (e.g. Suggesting they simply raid the friendly villagers for their equipment rather than helping them) and Snake occasionally getting quick to anger with people, N00bly is always ready to jump in and do the right thing, such as choosing to help the villagers.

N00bly is arguably the most level-headed of the group, as he very rarely raises his voice, even with bad characters such as Milky_Dad and xX_Dark_PVP_Hacker_Xx, and often talks down people along with Snake into not killing him and his friends on sight. He's also downright brave and courageous, since, as soon as he reached the top of the obsidian tower in the end and saw his friends being attacked, he immediately let out a war cry and jumped at the EnderDragon with his golden sword, aiming right for it's snout.


  • His name is based off from the word noob, a gaming term referring to a novice or beginner, sometimes used as insult, though N00bly is far from being a novice.
  • He resembles Steve the most out of his friends, except the skin and hair color.

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