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An image of the three main protagonists of the series.

Welcome to Minecraft: The N00b Adventures wikiEdit

Welcome to Minecraft: The N00b Adventures wiki,add and share your information about the animated web series! The N00b Adventures is a Minecraft animated web series that follows the adventures of Fart, Snakes, and Noobly.

Minecraft: The N00b Adventures



Original channel

(May 7, 2011-present)
Cartoon Network Scratch
(March 11, 2012-present)

Original run

May 11, 2011-May 29, 2015

Minecraft: The N00b Adventures is an American-animated YouTube series broadcast by Machinima in May 7, 2011. A clean version of this show began airing on Cartoon Network Scratch in March 11, 2012. It is based on the computer game Minecraft.

Episode 1: So Blocky, So CoolEdit

Pooploser 69 (who prefers to be called Snake), and Fart Garfunkel have been hiding from a horde of zombies overnight. They meet Noobly after barricading themselves in the ground. After some hasty introductions, they all decide to head for a highly populated community East of the spawn point, which Noobly had heard of before he joined the server. Later, when the sun is setting, they all get resources to build a shelter to defend themselves from the mobs. They finish the shelter, but Noobly asks if they have any materials left for the roof. Just before the credits roll, a zombie's growl is heard.

Episode 2: Under a Creeping MoonEdit

Monsters attack that night, with a pair of skeletons, hordes of zombies and roughly two spiders participating in the assault. In the first assault, Fart is hit with an arrow from a skeleton and is mortally wounded (rather curious, as he appeared to be at full health at the start of the attack), falling to the floor. Noobly rushes to help him and extricates the arrow, but Fart decides to respawn, handing Noobly all the items in his inventory. Noobly finds a golden apple amidst Fart's items, and offers it to him, saving his life. Once he has donned his signature shades, Fart rushes up to the battlements of the house, takes Snake's bow and fights off the mobs with incredible speed and accuracy. Noobly fights off the zombies with Fart's shovel, and Snake beats away the spiders with his bare hands. It seems that the group could possibly survive the night, but for the arrival of a Creeper, which Fart is unable to kill with his bow, due to "connection problems". The Creeper blows up part of the wall, allowing the mobs to enter. Noobly uses the shovel and digs into a cave, allowing them to escape. Fart praises Noobly on his quick thinking, and Snake illuminates the cave with a torch, revealing a massive cave system.

Minecraft The N00b Adventures Part 4 - Good Grief!

Episode 3: Cavern Chaos Edit

the group explore the cave, until they see a dungeon. They, on the other hand, believe it to be made by players. Inside, snake finds a clock and a compass, to help find their way, noobly finds a golden sword, and fart finds his favorite piece of the treasure: a bucket. however, the excitement is cut short at the discovery of a zombie spawner, an infinite zombie swarm. They run out of the dungeon followed by zombies. Fart finds a minecart on a track, which they ride. Unfortunately, it ends on a cliff, dropping them in water. Once they swim out, they see the city right in front of them. They discover it to be a ghost town. A man called gaylord steambath teleports to them, the operator of the server, and tells them the server is abandoned. He tells them they may sleep, eat and build anywhere. He tells them he'll be. Around and walks away. They decide to trust him.

Episode 4: Good Grief Edit

The group settles in, Fart finally commencing work on his rollercoaster (which was his intention from the very start of the show), Snake working on his pixel art and Noobly slumbering. Steambath visits Fart's rollercoaster, blowing it up, then Snake's pixel art, setting it on fire. When Snake furiously asks for Steambath's motive, Steambath states "Entertainment, my dear sir, entertainment!  The show must go on!". While inexplicably sleeping, Noobly is visited by the female Minecraft player Pwny Rainb0w, who warns him, along with Fart and Snake, who arrive later, to leave the server immediately. She explains the server's past: the server used to be extremely popular and peaceful, until Gaylord Steambath was given operating power over the server, and began griefing everyone's constuctions. Many attempted to kill the Steambath, but his infinite supplies of diamond armor and swords, cooked porkchops, and golden apples was what allowed him to easily kill them. He then teleported the rebellious players underground, and blew them apart with dynamite. The rest he exiled into the Nether, at the mercy of the Ghasts. Fart, however, is more suprised at the fact that girls play Minecraft instead of "Barbie Baby Maker", a source of irritation for Pwny. All of a sudden, Pwny is mudered by Steambath with a bow, who then bans her from the server. Exposed, Steambath states this: he will not blow them up or exile them to the Nether, in exchange that they continue to create structures, which he will destroy, in accordance with his habits. Noobly, on behalf of the group, reluctantly agrees. Once Steambath has disappeared, Snake and Fart gang up on Noobly for agreeing, but Noobly reveals that he only agreed so they can gather supplies against Steambath, so to kill him and teach him a lesson.</span>

Episode 5: Rebels with a porkchop Edit

It is revealed that the group is greatly underprepared and understocked (only having 1 shovel, 1 sword, 1 pickaxe, 2 bows, coal, arrows, 1 bucket, 1 compass, and 1 clock [and a cooked pork chop that Fart found on the ground]). Noobly and Fart agree to leave in search of diamonds, while Snake stalls Steambath. The instant Noobly and Fart take their leave, Steambath teleports Snake to him, forcing him to create pixel art for him to destroy. Meanwhile, in the wilderness, Fart discovers a cave to mine in. Noobly agrees to stand guard, and eventually, night falls. Noobly sees an Enderman, which disappears when he looks away. The cave entrance is then attacked by 2 skeletons and a spiderjockey. Noobly and Fart quickly block up the entrance to the cave. Once they are inside, Fart breaks his pickaxe in a renewed vigour for diamonds. The pair whittle away the time by listening to Fart talk about his experiences in Call of Duty. Noobly suddenly realises that he has forgotten the clock, and checks the barricade to see if daylight has broken, only to see the Enderman, who gets closer when he diverts his attention to call Fart. The Enderman suddenly appears at the barricade, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger.</span>

==Episode 6: A Noob Hope==

Snake has built several pixel arts for Steambath to destroy, who suddenly teleports to Noobly and Fart, stealing their bucket, which could have been a critical tool against the Enderman. Upon returning to Snake, Steambath cryptically informs him that they are having "buckets of fun". Noobly and Fart prepare to fight the Enderman as it gets past their barricade, but as soon as it enters, it teleports again. Fart throws away his shovel in relief, just as the Enderman appears behind them. Fortunately, they are saved by 6-7 year old veteran player YoDa_MoRpHeUs, who, after killing the Enderman, states that while he avoids any contact with "corrupt individuals", (eg.Steambath) and that he will allow them to mine diamonds from a cave that he has found, in exchange that they help him clean it out of mobs. They enter the cave, fighting through 4 zombies (which YoDa dismembers all by himself, and which Fart foolishly eats the rotting flesh of, mistaking it for beef jerky), a group of skeletons on a ledge (which allows Noobly to figure out use of the bow) and a huge slime (which Fart keeps beating with his shovel, long after it is dead). They find a Stronghold,

(Ep.7 the valiant venture) they enter, where YoDa uses an Eye of Ender he obtained from the dead Enderman to seek an Ender portal. As they travel through the stronghold, Fart explains to Noobly the reason behind Snake's username: he believed that it was a hack that would gain him infinite diamonds, but really just a hoax which made him look stupid.

"It's kind of a funny story. He thought it was a cheat code for infinite diamonds. So he typed it in, and screwed himself over." - Fart Garfunkel

Meanwhile, Steambath has worked Snake to exhaustion, and pushes the line when he calls him his username, causing Snake to call him an "asshole". Apparently insulted by Snake's use of profanity, Steambath seems to get angry, but then cools down and allows Snake to return to N00bly and Fart.  But Steambath does hint that he want the group to return. Upon appearing, Snake begs them for food, and Fart gives him the porkchop, quelling his hunger. YoDa then leads the group to an Ender portal, and states that the choice is theirs if they wish to enter. Despite Snake being initially cautious and doubtful about the possible risk and definite uncertainty, Fart immediately enters, wearing his signature shades, followed by YoDa, then Noobly and Snake. They arrive in the End, where several Endermen are present. However, just as they are about to attack, the decrepit beings suddenly flee, for the appearance of the Enderdragon. As it swoops in on them, Fart puts his shades back on, stating "well boys, it looks like this is... the End".

Note: On Cartoon Network, all of the cuss words were removed.

(Ep.8): here be dragons)

the Enderdragon swoops them, the group wonders how they can kill the Enderdragon. YoDa shoots the Enderdragon with an arrow, which is soon healed by an obsidian tower's healing crystal. Understanding that the crystal is preventing them from killing the dragon, they split up, with Noobly and YoDa fending off the dragon from the group, while Fart and Snake head to the top of the tower, to find some means of destroying the crystal. Upon reaching the top, Snake wonders how they can destroy the crystal, but Fart cuts to the chase and shoots it with his bow, causing it to explode and nearly kill them. The dragon then starts attacking Fart and Snake, just as Fart runs out of ammunition. Noobly quickly hurries to their assistance, but breaks his golden sword in the process. However, they are saved by YoDa_MoRpHeUs, who airshots the dragon, causing it to run away. Noobly, Fart and Snake coordinate themselves into a firing line on top of the tower, firing their arrows almost simultaneously into the dragon's eyes as it charges at them. This kills the dragon, and they head back down to the exit, where Fart grabs the egg. They then head for home, Fart leaving last, to punch a hostile Enderman in the groin. They watch the credits, and once they finish, Fart is in a traumatic state believing that he "is love". Snake also comments that he feels enlightened. They quickly discover diamonds in a chest right next to them, and collect them. As they leave, YoDa states that he now has to leave, as he has just been grounded in the real world. As he leaves, he states "to defeat a griefer, you must not play his game". He then leaves the server. The group suddenly realise that they have no idea where they are.

(Ep.9: the village people)

They soon find an NPC village where players would grind for XP before Steambath came to power.The Villagers make a deal with our heroes,defend the village from the mobs and villagers will give them access to a map.The trio accepts.

(ep 10: storms a brewin)

they each get a individual job.N00bly mining,Fart looking for food,and Snake making tools and armor.Snake soon finds a hidden workspace where a player was building what seemed to be an iron golem, but ran short of iron. Fart finds a pig which he is about to kill when he hesitates due to the way it looks at him. Snake brings the ingredients for the iron golem to the surface.N00bly gives Snake the iron he mined.The trio then decides to get started on the wall around the village,but night comes before they can finish the wall.

(episode 11: dusk till dawn)

N00bly, Fart, and Snake start defending the village while the mobs attack. While Snake uses his bow and arrows to defend the village with his archery, N00bly fights with his diamond sword and Fart uses Descartes for a mount. Fart heads to fight a Spider Jockey, but a Creeper gets between them and kills Des Cartes, leaving Fart in sadness. The jockey is about to kill Fart when N00bly arrives and kills the jockey, and makes a Fart style one liner. Snake builds an Iron Golem and finishes the wall. The Iron Golem quickly defeats the mobs with our heroes' help and they save the village. The villagers give the heroes a map, but all they find on it is an odd shape. After Fart remarks about how fast the villagers "procreate", he pats the little boy on the head. The boy overreacts and complains that Fart is touching him. The villagers chase our heroes away and our heroes head for the shape.

(episode 12: trade secrets)

On the way, our heroes find an abandoned tower and explore it. All of a sudden, someone jumps the heroes and interrogates them about who they are. They explain who they are and the person introduces himself as Milky_Dad. He brings them to have a "party" in which Fart hilariously drinks a Nausea potion. In his daze of confusion, Gaylord Steambath teleports Fart to his newly built course, known as Farpington Manor.

(episode 13: the entertainer)

Fart passes parts of the course while our other heroes try to find him. Fart asks if he's done yet, in which Gaylord Steambath, apparently amused, replies no. Farts enters the next course and the other heroes find a witch hut.

(Ep 14: lactose intolerence) Milky_Dad enters the witch hut to have a witch throw a potion into his eyes. While Milky_Dad grumbles to himself, Gaylord teleports Milky to him. Gaylord gives Milky_Dad a deal: help kill our heroes and be set free. Milky_Dad accepts, looking through the glass at Fart. Fart thinks that Milky is there to save him at first, but notices what's really going on. Milky presses the button to send Fart into the void and Fart falls yelling "Dude, you're a Diiiiiiiiiiicckk!" Gaylord Steambath started laughing like a maniac. Meanwhile, Snake and Noobly get into the witch's hut, finding out she isn't there, or so it seems. Pooploser_69 picks up Milky_Dad's enchanted iron sword, Irine.The witch climbs off the roof of the hut behind them leaving the episode off, again, in a cliffhanger.

Note: In the Cartoon Network version, when Fart falls into the hole, the obscene phrase is removed from the episode.

(Ep 15: smoke and mirrors) The Witch enters her home and throws potions of damage at Noobly and Snake. Noobly and Snake came to apologise to the witch. They started a conversation. Noobly and Snake made a new name for the witch. The witch's expression of her very own new name "Uglina" was delighted. She was so delighted that she throws splash potions of damage everywhere near Noobly and Snake. Noobly and Snake came to the village where Uglina said. Milky_Dad and Gaylord Steambath had a conversation about sneakingly killing Noobly and Snake without getting noticed. Gaylord Steambath teleports Milky_Dad back to Noobly and Snake. Noobly and Snake went to explore the abandoned village while Milky_Dad is creating a wither. Milky_Dad shouts out for Snake to come and look at the wither. Snake was shocked and it turns out that Milky_Dad betrayed his group. Milky_Dad safely escapes by drinking an invisibility potion. Snake runs away along with Noobly as the wither enlarges and explodes. The episode ends along with a cliffhanger! After the credits in Gaylord's Mansion, it turns out that Fart Garfunkel did survive the fall wounded. What will happened next.....................

Watch Ep 15

In episode 16: witherphobia, pooploser and nobly are trapped in a cave with the wither blocking them. Meanwhile, it turns out fart was trapped in a web, which stopped his death in the pit. However, his celebrations are cut short, when he finds that he is in a mineshaft, and sees a cave spider spawner, which spawns several spiders, which he all slays. Gaylord is watching him, and spawns an enderman, which dart dock punches, so the enderman is to scared to attack. While gaylord is laughing, fart climbs the ladder to him, and punches him. Gaylord hastily teleports him to his friends. With new hope in his arrivel, they now are on the offensive...

In episode 17: fight or flight, snake is about to distract the wither with fireworks he found in the dirt town, while noobly and fart escape, but first he trades milkydads 'irene' for a leather tunic, vowing to shove it up his blocky asshole. they do the plan. The wither fires at snake, covering him in gravel, and Perseus the two. Snake digs out and goes to help the other two. Fart and noobly fire arrows at the wither, until they have to jump over a ravine. Fart manages, but the wither destroys the platform noobly is standing on, causing him to fall in. He uses an ender pearl to teleport out, and explains it to fart. Pooploser cathes them up and fires more arrows, before the winter hits him with a skull. Fart throws a snowball at the wither in a last ditch attempt to harm it before running out of ideas. Before the wither can kill them, Uglina the witch appears at the last moment, to disable the wither long enought for fart and noobly to stab it, and for snake to fire the arrow that kills it. Fart and Uglina have a bit of a falling out, and noobly and snake see a horse in the distance...

in episode 18, the equine enigma, noobly and snake investigate the horse they saw in the previous episode. Nearby, is a pile of stuff, arrows, coal, torches, a map and a book m. There is also a name tag, with Boner written on it, indicating the horses name is Boner. Meanwhile, Uglina is pursuing Fart Garfunkel, hurting him with potions. However, they find that milky dad tried to kill them both, and Uglina leaves him alone, if he kills milky dad. She goes home, and fart rejoins the group. He likes the horse, and finds his name hilarious. The trio decide to find shelter. Meanwhile, milky dad is lost, and gaylord hasn't teleported him home yet. He is about to be killed by the mob squad, but is teleported home in the nick of time. Gaylord informs him the wither failed to kill him, and he has future endeavors for him. The episode ends with him laughing evilly...

In episode 19, unsolved mysteries, Milky_dad is seen making Invisibility potions, for his new master, gaylord steambath, as they taste better when brewed instead of given to him via commands. Gaylord tells milky dad he intends to finish off the three rebels himself, while milky dad wires up fappington manor. Meanwhile, the three and boner are in a cave waiting until morning. They read the book they found, which turns out to be a journal of events starting from when gaylord took over the server, by none other than the youtuber antvenom. He tells the story of how gaylord griefed the town, and although they fought bravely, anyone (including YoDa_morpheus an pwny rainbow) still alive started to retreat. The next day, no one wanted to fight gaylord, so antvenom decided to do it alone. He found a village, and told the villagers he would protect the village if they let him mine for ores. The villagers warned him not to, telling him no player that went down there ever returned, but antvenom ignores their warnings. However, after a while, he became aware of a presence. He then seemed to go mad, and the rest of the book was gibberish. The three decided to find the village, and started to travel all day, encountering new biomes released in 1.7. They find the village near a clay mountains biome, and find it heavily rigged with TNT, and deserted, save the zombies that were once villagers. However, while saving themselves, a trap causes snake and fart garfunkel to be trapped in a cave, while noobly went back for boner. Fart is superstitious, but snake reassures him, saying there are no ghosts in minecraft. Ironicly, you then see a Steve head watch them, with glowing white eyes. Herobrine...

In episode 20, the two spectors, Noobly is seen on his horse galloping away from a mob of zombies and skeletons, not noticing that Gaylord Steambath teleported to him, drinking an invisibility potion and making himself unseen. The mobs pass him, but the skeleton last in the mob is stabbed by Gaylord. Gaylord takes a bow and follows Noobly. Meanwhile in the cave, Snake is nervous about the mysterious Herobrine after reading an article on the Minecraft Wiki. Fart assures him that it's just a fake story, but doesn't notice the pair of white, glowing eyes stalking them. Noobly is hit with an arrow by Gaylord in the diamond armor. Noobly is continued to be fired upon by arrows, but falls off his horse after an arrow hits his horse and the horse gallops away. Noobly and Gaylord have a conversation, while Gaylord begins drinking more and more potions and annoying Noobly by tricking him with Gaylord's voice and arrows. Snake and Fart hear a nearby sound and find the pair of white, glowing eyes again in the shadows behind them. This frightens Fart and Snake and they both run away. Unfortunately, Snake becomes lost in his own part of the mine, Fart going in his own direction. Soon, Snake ends up in a stone wall full of coal, but turns around to see Herobrine. Snake screams off-screen, unknown of what has happened to Snake. Meanwhile, Fart ends up falls down stone stairs and finding a large room full of murdered mobs, blood everywhere. Fart notices a large chest and begins taking all the contents of the chest for himself, not noticing Herobrine behind him.

in episode 21, The passion of the fart, noobly is being toyed with by gaylord, and asks him to stop. Gaylord agrees, and gives himself diamond armour, a diamond sword and a horse, whom he names julious excellcious.

meanwhile, fart notices herobrine and begs for mercy, while holding a book. Herobrine simply steals farts flame bow and leaves. Fart believes it to be the book and the power of god that saved him. Snake breaks into his part of the mine, and is constantly repeating "gotta get out of this mine. Gotta go fast." until fart punches him. Snake seems to remember nothing of herobrine.

back on the serface, noobly and gaylord joust, but gaylord cheats and shoots him off the horse. Noobly however, finds farts fire bow and shoots a flaming arrow at a piece of tnt, killing julious and injuring gaylord. Gaylord is destraught and teleports away before he can be killed. Fart and snake dig upwards, reaching the surface. They all deal with the zombies, after trying and failing to use farts book to protect them. In fact, it is revealed to be a simple brewing guide.

pooploser cures the vilager zombies from element animation, who confirms what they know, and are taken back to the village. meanwhile, heronrine watches them...

IIn episode 22 (The Good, The Bad and The Hacker), Gaylord returns to his Manor after he lost a battle against Noobly. Being extremely enraged, Milky_Dad shows him a potion he made. Gaylord smacks it out of his hand and asks if he only crafted potions while he was gone. Milky_Dad answers he also built a throne room. It has a nether portal in it, and Gaylord wants Milky_Dad to open it to bring players so he can slaughter them. After killing two of them, Gaylord wants to kill the third, but the player does some movements and impresses Gaylord quickly. Gaylord thinks he is some sort of sorcerer, but Milky_Dad reveals that he is a hacker. Gaylord makes a deal with him: Freedom for the death of Noobly, Snake and Fart. The player named Xx_Dark_PvP_Hacker_xX agrees and rushes off with incredible speed...

Back at the village, Fart just named his bow (Bro + Arrow) but suddenly, he is startled. Noobly arrives, asking what is wrong. Fart says he senses some sort of disturbance coming after them, and says it has to do with hacks....

In episode 23 [hackusations] pooploser was explaining the map to the villagers, the villager 2 says that pooploser saw herobrine but pooploser only says that he only runned away and that it was like an enderman and then he dig some stone with his pickaxe like louder or someting, the villager 1 says if he touch him but poop only says ''no I told you there where no ghost'', poop says if they going to be okay and they say yes, the villagers give him the thanks and say what's his name, poop says and the villagers get of laught while poop brings the map, fart was killing a glub and noobly appears with some artoches asking if the villagers are okay, then he asks that fart told him about a hacker then about shrek,then they start to say about herobrine,the three and boner start they new adventure,in a cave the hacker was preparing his things,first kill a cow,then a optopus,he prepares his shield,then he kill a sheep and runs to kill the three,in the middle of the forest fart gets nervous that the hacker it's nearby,the hacker [in a nearby mountain] starts to attack,first to noobly into a tree,then he fights with fart and then he attacks him, then pooploser attacks the hacker with two arrows, the episode ends with the hacker escaping and fart,noobly,pooploser and boner start to follow him.

Episode 24:

Pursuing the hacker in a long chase, N00bly engages in a short sword fight with him, fart is almost blown up by a creeper and Snake arrives by a lava pool with boner. Fart, N00bly and Snake stand guard ready for the hacker when he jumps from a tree to kill them, but ends up falling in the lava and leaving the game, dissapointing Gaylord. N00bly, Snake and Fart find a griefed town.

Episode 25:

The 3 n00bs take some supplies from the town while Gaylord tells Milky_Dad to set up a trap room. N00bly, snake and fart find Gaylord's manor. Snake uses his wool to make a large model which impresses Gaylord. They use TNT cannons to destroy the pixelart and Gaylord rushes out side and he is attacked by a creeper. Snake charges at Gaylord on boner and whacks him with "old unbreakable" the shovel, then N00bly and Fart kill Gaylord with their swords. Then they discover their quest isn't over when Gaylord uses his Op powers to respawn and return to the noobs, spawning diamond armour.

Episode 26:

Gaylord pulls out a Notch apple and mocks the noobs. As he eats it N00bly and Fart pull out Notch apples of their own, which Gaylord is suprised by. He parries with Fart and N00bly and spawns a creeper. Gaylord runs inside and taunts Snake from the Balcony. Snake shoots an arrow which misses Gaylord by a couple of pixels. He then lures them into a chamber full of monsters. Milky_Dad comes to Gaylord whom invites him to watch the death of the noobs. Snake tries to break out but the pickaxe breaks. Milky_Dad sees Fart holding Irine. He backstabs Gaylord and opens the door and tells the Noobs to come up and see him. While they are coming up, Gaylord comes back and stabs Milky_Dad. He runs off, and he collapses. His last request, aside from telling the noobs not to waste a Notch apple on him is to hold Irine again. Reluctantly, Fart agrees. He dies, and leaves the server. Fart makes a very poor funeral speech about him, and they take the former pharmacist's belongings.

Episode 27:It starts with Gaylord appearing to the nether with the nether door,then two of the prisoners ask him if he is there to set the prisoners free,but Gaylord replies that no and that he is there only to put N00bly,Fart and Poploser69 to follow him,after Gaylord escapes N00bly and his friends appear and see the prisoners where N00bly asks one of the prisoners where Gaylord go and the prisoner replies that Gaylord got to the left,after telling their plan to defeat Gaylord another prisoner asks N00bly if they really got the way to defeat Gaylord and N00bly says that sort of,then Fart tries to convince everyone to fight with Gaylord but then one prisoner hates Fart's name and Poploer69's name and leaves the server,and causing all the rest of the prisoners to do the same,Meanwhile Gaylord finds a tall mountain and he puts two ghasts to kill N00bly and his friends as he drinks a lava resisting potion and puts ladder pieces to go up the mountain,after N00bly,Fart and Poploser69 defeat the two ghasts,they see that they must another way around to go the mountain,however N00bly remenbers that he got a lava resisting potion from Milky dad(which when Milky dad died in the previous episode N00bly got that lava potion)but how N00bly is the only one that has one of those he decides to defeat Gaylord him only as Fart and Poploser69 give him goodluck while N00bly goes through the lava. ==Comments== [0]

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