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Gaylord Steambath (right) about to blow up a player


Gaylord Steambath

Also known as



Diamonds Sword



First Appearance

Cavern Chaos

Latest Appearance

Passion of the Fart

"Ohh, my little pony.. Oooohh, look at you now!" - Gaylord Steambath


GM's CommandsEdit

Since he is in control of the server, he can spawn mobs, create blocks ,teleport people, and do much more.



N00bly hated him,but,he was more cautious with Gaylord than the others and were more rational with him, so probably N00bly respected his power,but doesn't respect Gaylord.


Snake hated Gaylord a lot,especially because Gaylord made him a slave for some time, almost starving him to death.

Fart GarfunkelEdit

Fart is the one who hates Gaylord the most. gaylord almost killed him by throwing him in a deep pit, and fart in turn slapped him, making him the first one to do physical harm to Gaylord.


Not much is known about the relation between the two, Pwny hated Gaylord, and Gaylord killed her without hesitation.

Milky DadEdit

Before,Milky hated Gaylord,but some time in the series, Milky Dad became his henchman,and started to help him,but it looks like that Milky haves fear or still don't likes Gaylord,or both. As of now, Milky Dad is Gaylord's slave, brewing for him.


Even the two don't really interacted,Uglyna seemed to don't like Gaylord,since she said to Fart that "he"[Gaylord] had done bad things. What gaylord did, in getting rid of the players, effected uglina heavily, stopping mobs spawning, which depressed her.

The admin of serverEdit

Possibly they were friends or the admin simply given him admin status by accident.

YoDa MoRpHeUsEdit

It seemed that YoDa knew Gaylord,probably he heard it from someone or he saw him,but no clue about the relation between the two. Yoda didn't want to stand up to him after the big takeover, probably because of fear.

Gaylord Steambath is the major antagonist of the series. He, as his name suggests, acts "gay" and a bit over the top. When he became admin of the server, he griefed the main city, and using incredibly powerful equipment, killed off any signs of rebellion. He has sent almost almost the entire city population into the Nether. A victim of this is Milky Dad. He is prone to anger attacks, and kills without hesitation, as proved where he killed Pwny_Rainb0w and laughed about it afterwards.
In the episode Witherphobia, Fart nearly kills him (After he completed a course against his will) until he teleports him to Snake and N00bly. Gaylord Steambath has appeared in nearly every episode of the series.
They killed the Wither, using Irene, YoDa's sword, and bows and arrows with the assistance of Uglyna. Gaylord's city location is unknown to the three adventurers as of Fight-or-Flight.
His manor is Fappington Manor which he uses to test the surviving members of the server in a series of tests. Since Gaylord does not know about alot of the server's population, he has only used this tactic on Fart Garfunkel.
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