• NotCrazyZora

    I can chalk it up to small community, too few grammar police officers, but my point is, this wiki has alot of errors and stuff. example: Snake's article had a whole paragraph accidentally written in source code, but there are plenty other errors, including using the word "haves" instead of "has" or "had" and other stuff. We could use people with a regard for spelling and grammar, and use of the correct formats.

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  • SinnedGer

    What's in for Season 2?

    November 29, 2012 by SinnedGer

    When they say that these episodes are part of Season 1, it's obvious that they intend on making a new Season 2 after the first one is finished.  Anyone have any thoughts on how this might work out?

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  • Theharvardier

    I've just done a page summarising Descarte's activities until the end of Episode 10, and, i wonder, would he possibly be what we could call something from the future. mods aside, you can't ride live animals, for the simple fact that they don't want to do what you want them to, and are conditioned by the game engineto be complete SOBs about it. However, Descartes could be a message from the future, information that, yes, someday we'll give you a new animal that takes you where you want to go.

    Descartes, just another pig, actually does what Fart says. This could be what we're waiting for. Stay wary. Stay hopeful.

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  • Theharvardier

    Hello, I'm the harvardier, and this is my first post. I live in Australia, and I'm a minecraft fan. Unfortunately, in my singleplayer, I've been trapped in a mineshaft, and am doing my frickin head in trying to get to freedom and reaching the surface. I haven't found any diamonds, which is ridiculous, since I've gone past lava level maybe 2 months ago. I'm generally frustrated with my condition, but hey, where there isn't diamond, there's iron ore, so I'm not complaining...a lot.

    Comment on me, and i'll comment on you!

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